Research. World. Community. Excellence.

Those are the words we heard the most when we spoke with faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees—people from all corners of the university—to develop our logo system. That’s why the Johns Hopkins identity looks the way it does—with the book representing knowledge and discovery, the world symbolizing our global reach, and the crest of Lord Baltimore indicating our connection to our community. It sounds simple because it is. It’s who we are: America’s first research university.

When we developed our broader visual brand guidelines, we again turned to the original identity research. This research showed us that there are four traits that best describe our university: Smart. Dynamic. Bold. Warm.

These words should be used as guideposts as we present the Johns Hopkins University brand in marketing communications through a combination of fonts, colors, imagery, and identity usage. These guidelines recognize the diversity of Johns Hopkins’ schools and divisions and their need to communicate to different audiences. These personality traits may be applied as communicators deem most appropriate while still remaining true to the spirit of a shared identity.

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