Academic Seal

Johns Hopkins University Academic Seal


Adopted by the board of trustees on December 7, 1885, the seal represents the university’s dedication to the advancement of knowledge in service to the community and the world. The design originates from the collaborative work of Baltimore historian Clayton C. Hall, Esq., and Stephen Tucker, Esq., the Somerset Herald at the College of Arms in London.

Black version of the Johns Hopkins University Academic Seal
Commencement Program


The full-color seal of Johns Hopkins University is reserved for official documents—including diplomas, presidential and trustee minutes, and other legal, academic, or official university documentation—or for the highest awards and certificates.

The single-color seal may be used for formal occasions and products, including items for Commencement; specific gift items in brass, silver, or pewter; appropriate clothing (blazers, not T-shirts); stationery; and university chairs. DO NOT use the official seal in combination with the logo.

The seal may only be used with permission from University Communications. It can never be altered or varied.

To request use of the seal, please contact us.

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