Logo Placement

Initial view

The appropriate divisional, interdisciplinary, enterprise, or athletics logo must appear on the initial view of all communications, including print, digital, and video, so that it serves as an introduction to the brand. Beyond this guideline, there is no preferred placement of the logo. Design should dictate where the logo appears on the initial view.

All Johns Hopkins University entities should follow the logo placement guidelines. There are, however, limited exceptions to these guidelines. These exceptions have been approved by the university Office of Communications, and they are the only approved exceptions to the initial view guidelines.


In print applications, “initial view” refers to the cover of materials with multiple pages or the front of one-sided
materials. For two-sided materials, the logo can appear on either side depending on design.


For HTML emails such as department newsletters, the logo must appear somewhere within the message. It does not need to be in the header.

Employees who wish to do so may include the university logo or the logo associated with their division as part of their signatures. Be sure to follow the clear space guidelines.


The logo must appear before any user interaction (click, scroll, input, etc.).

The logo does not need to appear on pop-ups or redirected pages.

Initial view exception: Digital magazines

For digital magazines, the logo must appear near the top or in the footer of each page.

Initial view exception: Print magazines

The logo does not have to appear on initial view if Johns Hopkins appears prominently in the title.

Initial view exception: Approved graphic identifiers

Approved graphic identifiers do not need to include the words Johns Hopkins. However, the following logo placement guidelines apply:

If Johns Hopkins, Hopkins, or JHU is prominently displayed in the graphic identifier, the logo does not have to appear on initial view. However, it must be included elsewhere, such as on the back cover of a printed piece or the footer of a website. (a)

If Johns Hopkins is not prominently displayed in the graphic identifier, the logo must appear on initial view. The logo can be placed anywhere on initial view, and clear-space guidelines apply. (b)

Initial view exception: Student groups

Student organizations and groups are not required to follow the identity guidelines. However, students are required to follow the university Use of Name and Licensing guidelines available at


When the university, a division, or other internal entity collaborates with entities outside the university, its logo may be placed alongside the partner logos, retaining the appropriate clear space. When multiple Johns Hopkins
University entities collaborate with entities outside the university, the university logo should be used and may be placed alongside the partner logos, maintaining the appropriate clear space.

Before including the Johns Hopkins name or logo on any third-party communication, or including a third-party’s name or logo on a Johns Hopkins communication, please refer to the Use of Name guidelines found at


Approved Johns Hopkins University templates for business cards, letterhead, and other office paper products are available from the university’s preferred stationery printing vendor, Webb Mason.

Contact your department or office administrator or other individual with SAP access to order stationery.

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