We offer four approved fonts—Quadon, Titling Gothic, Gentona, and Arnhem Pro—that allow for creative expression of our brand personality in ways that are appropriate for our diverse audiences and goals.

Contact your divisional communications office for access to university fonts.


Quadon expresses the university personality in a distinctive manner. It is collegiate, yet current. It may be used in headlines, subheads, and limited body copy applications. It is available in a variety of approved weights and formats.

Titling Gothic

Titling Gothic is our impact font. It is best suited for headlines and should be used only in all caps and in short lines and phrases between 10 and 15 words. Very limited use is recommended for maximum impact.


Gentona, a sans serif font with a close typographic relationship to Quadon, is a body copy font that may also be used in headlines and subheads when Quadon is too casual for the communication or audience.

Arnhem Pro

Arnhem Pro is a serif font that can be used in body copy but may also be used for headlines and subheads that requires a traditional look.

Exception: Type as art

In instances where a typeface becomes part of an illustration, a font other than Quadon, Titling Gothic, Gentona, or Arnhem Pro may be appropriate.

Exception: Business communications

The guidelines for typography are intended for marketing communications, such as advertising, brochures, magazines, and websites. Routine business communications need not adhere to font guidelines. Examples of such documents include grant applications, internal reports, and memos.

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