Legacy Graphics

Johns Hopkins University logo that includes the words

Large logo files

The 2013 logo architecture included both large and small versions of all logos and divisional shields. The large versions of the files were retired to streamline file management and version control. Legacy large versions of the University logo and shield include 5 lines in the globe within the shield. The correct version should only include 3 lines in the globe. To ensure you have the latest files, download your logo bundle for divisional logos. Reach out to your divisional communications office or University Communications if your bundle is not available for direct download.  

Do Not Use Johns Hopkins signature file

Johns Hopkins signature

The Johns Hopkins signature was retired from use. Legacy uses including wall displays, merchandise and banners can continue to be displayed however, this graphic should not be used for new designs.

A side by side comparison of a previous Johns Hopkins Jay mascot costume that included teeth on the left and the current Jay mascot costume (without teeth) on the right.

Jay mascot

The current and correct Jay mascot costume does not have teeth. Photography and collateral including legacy Jay mascot costume imagery should be updated.

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