Internal Merchandise

To help expedite and ease orders for internal giveaways, University Communications launched the Johns Hopkins brand store. Staff can login using their JHED ID to order items specific to their respective division. Items have been selected based on previous order history.

You are also welcome to create custom items from a licensed vendor of your choice. When creating custom merchandise, it is essential to follow the brand guidelines on the University logo and Use of Name.

Secondary graphics (ex. illustrations or unique typographic messages) are permitted on merchandise designs. Keep in mind that the distinction between a logo and a secondary graphic is ultimately defined in the context of use. When incorporating secondary graphics, consider the sample placements and best practice examples shown here.

Common secondary graphic placement pairings on merch:

  • Shirt with small front chest logo imprint paired with a full back imprint illustration or message.
  • Shirt with small sleeve logo imprint paired with full front imprint of illustration or message.
  • Front and back sides of a mug or water bottle with logo on one side and illustration or message on the reverse side.

Download Your Logo Files
Refer to guidelines for correct usage