Vendor Licensing

Johns Hopkins University uses Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) as its primary licensing agent. CLC’s role encompasses the following:

  • Facilitates the licensing process for licensees;
  • Executes licensing agreements;
  • Markets the university brand to potential manufacturers;
  • Monitors the marketplace for unlicensed use of trademarks;
  • Collects royalties;
  • Conducts compliance review audits of licensed manufacturers.

The university offers two types of licenses:

  • Retail – Allows a company to produce products bearing the trademarks of collegiate institutions for sale at retail in approved retail channels and direct to consumers, as well as university departments and related entities.
  • Internal – Allows a company to create product bearing the trademarks of collegiate institutions for university departments and related entities for internal consumption only; cannot provide products at retailer direct to consumer.

To create products bearing the marks of Johns Hopkins University, manufacturers and vendors must be a licensee of the university. To get started, download an application packet from CLC. The application contains instructions on how to complete the application phase of licensing, as well as information that licensees will need to retain throughout the course of the licensing process. All licensees are required to remit royalty reports and payments on a quarterly basis to CLC, who collects these payments on behalf of Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins University has established a royalty rate. Information on the services CLC provides, including a copy of an application and license agreement, can be found at

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