It is best practice for the appropriate divisional, interdisciplinary, enterprise, or athletics logo to appear on the initial view of all communications, including print, digital, and video, so that it serves as an introduction to the brand. In video logo should appear at the front AND back of a video unless use case aligns to exceptions below. Beyond this guideline, there is no preferred placement of the logo. Design should dictate where the logo appears on the initial view.


  • Magazines: Do not need to include the logo on initial view if Johns Hopkins appears prominently in the title.
  • Social media: Videos produced exclusively for social media may omit the initial view if necessary to quickly engage the viewer. The logo must still be used at the end of the video.
  • Video Series: The initial view logo may be omitted for individual videos in a series of videos designed to be viewed in succession or distributed as part of a single package of videos or posted on a single webpage. The closing logo must still be used.

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Refer to guidelines for correct usage